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What is different about my practice?
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Having a website now is like having a business card - every professional has to have one, and when the time came to create my own website, I had to decide what to tell people reading this text. Each person is unique, and any person reading these lines is looking for help with his or her own unique problem. I wanted my website to be different from others, and I wanted to say something that other attorneys haven't said. I looked at other attorneys' websites and discovered that my colleagues and competitors had already written about practically everything.

Browsing attorneys' websites, you can learn about the law, get some questions answered, and read the attorneys' profiles. Some websites only have photos; others have a little video. People work hard to make their websites attractive, and it's hard to come up with new ideas to dress up your own website. So I decided to write a basic introduction and let you find out more when you call me. I don't wish to repeat what others have said and bore you with explaining the law, which may not even apply to you.

I began thinking about you, the person reading this text. What is important for you? Certainly, my education: you need to know that I'm competent to handle your case. I'm originally from Russia, actually from the former U.S.S.R. In my old country, I studied to become a philosophy professor. Here in the U.S., I worked as a paralegal and a courtroom interpreter for many years before going to law school. I graduated from the Golden Gate University School of Law in 2004.

Since 2005, I've worked in my own law practice with several colleagues representing clients in different areas of law. I've joined forces with other professionals united by our interest in law and justice. We are neither a law partnership nor a corporation, but we all work together on every case.

I would say that we are the community attorneys. At first, our clients came mainly from the Russian-speaking community. Later we helped Spanish-speaking people, then the Chinese-speaking community. And now, we are simply attorneys for the multicultural community of San Francisco, the Bay Area, and all of California.